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Max Security

About Max Security

“Our goal is to enable business continuity”

MAX Security provides comprehensive security and risk management solutions for the business, governmental, and private sectors.

Our goal is to enable business continuity in the world’s most volatile operating environments through proactive, client-tailored security measures. MAX is headed by security professionals with diverse leadership backgrounds in the security industry, including government agencies, military Special Forces and the private sector.  Our personnel have extensive international operational experience in a variety of environments, supporting clients from diverse industries. This allows for rapid adaptation and modification of specific solutions to different environments.

We pride ourselves on our client-oriented and direct approach to risk management, maintaining personal working relationships with each of our clients to ensure unparalleled service.

MAX Security provides risk mitigation services across five continents, conducting our operations from four regional hubs. From our regional hubs we maintain an expansive network of vetted, client oriented, security professionals in over 100 countries.

MAXAsia        MAXMiddleEast        MAXAfrica        MAXEurope


                                                          Local Touch, Global Reach


Our services include:

Intelligence Services

Security Consulting and RiskAssessments

TravelSecurity – Executive ProtectionSecure TransportationLogistics and Ground Support

The MaxSecurity Academy

InvestigationsDue DiligenceSpecial Assignments


Max is proud to serve clients from various industries, including:

Oil and Energy Conglomerates

Global Consulting Firms

Banking and Investment Firms

International Technology Companies

Retail Corporations

Medicaland Pharmaceutical Firms

Construction Companies

Government Delegations and Representation Offices

Media Crews and Journalists

Universities and Educational Institutions


Keeping business as usual in unusual places


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