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Market Entry Assessments

Enabling growth in new environments

Market Entry Risk Assessments are a crucial tool for decision making regarding new opportunities in high-risk, yet lucrative business environments, providing:

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    Information and analysis on business risks with a focus on your industry.

  • Step-by-step information for dealing with local regulation, laws and bureaucracy.

  • Assessments and recommendations on how to adapt to the local business environment, including how to identify and avoid local trends relating to corruption and malpractice.

  • Assessments on security threats, infrastructure hindrances, crime, the local political environment, and long-term economic stability.

  • Case studies on best practices of other corporations in the same sector.


By pooling our vast network of local business contacts, the research ability of our intelligence analysts, and the professional expertise of our risk consultants, we’ve enabled multinational corporations to expand, adapt, and thrive in seemingly precarious new markets, including:

  • Providing a complete guide for establishing a local subsidiary corporation in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Detailing the procedures and risks for a multinational corporation seeking to open a new branch in Manila, Philippines.

  • Assessing the risks for a financial MNC to establish a branch in Myanmar.

  • Vetting possible local partners in Moscow, Russia, for a major logistics corporation.

  • Providing supportive investigative services such as due-diligence and background checks.

  • Gauging business risks and local sentiment towards western entities in outlying areas of DRC and CAR.  


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