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Executive/Close Protection Course

General Info Overview

As a leading provider of Executive Protection training /  Close Protection  training, Max Security Solutions provides one of the most professional and recognized Executive Protection courses available. Since 1996 Max has provided protective services to some of the world’s most powerful people and organizations, from both the public and private sectors. Our operatives are active reserves of Israel’s internationally recognized security apparatus; the Israeli Defense Forces, Special Forces and Israel’s Secret Service. Our instructors have both operations and instruction experience and teach the techniques they have used effectively on a day-to-day basis in some of the world’s most complex situations.

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EP course 2011 - Shooting Range EP course 2011 - Krav Maga EP course 2011 - Simulation Drills

During this very intense, hands-on course, trainee’s go through a process of learning and implementing their newly acquired skills in complex exercises simulating real life situations. The course is rigorous, physically demanding, but also enjoyable and rewarding. You will gain new skills and a deeper and wider perspective on Executive/Close Protection.

Max’s course alumni work worldwide with some of the most renowned individuals and organizations, in government, the corporate world, and the private sector.

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This complete executive/close protection training course provides you with the latest methods that can be applied in any EP situation worldwide. Max’s world renowned training is based on Israeli security approaches as well as techniques that Max has developed over years of field operations. Attendees receive unique security-related insights and inside information to help them hit the ground running.

Our objective is to provide graduates with all the necessary tools to work as an Executive/Close Protection agent as soon as the course is successively completed.

Whether a beginner or an experienced EP/CPO, this course is suitable and is taught by instructors with years of experience who know how to pace the course to the group’s capabilities. Those who achieve the highest scores and demonstrate outstanding overall achievement could be chosen to work for Max’s international security force.

Max Security invites you to take part in this challenging executive/close protection course. The training is very intense; it demands motivation, enthusiasm and discipline-exactly what’s needed of an executive/close protection agent. When you successfully complete this training, you will be very proud of your accomplishments and you will know that this course is the key to your rewarding EP/CP career.

We have had students, many of them returning to us for further training, from the corporate sector, government protection units, PMC’s,  and professionals just starting their careers.
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